Contract Recruitment

Recruiting contractors can provide flexibility and specialist skills


Having a flexible workforce that has the right skills when you need them and can hit the ground running is where interims and contractors really come to the fore. Whether you need to recruit them for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a temporary peak in your resourcing requirements, contractors can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.


Recruiting contractors benefits your business by providing:


      • flexible and specialist capabilities at critical times, enabling a high level of market responsiveness
      • productivity from day one
      • high quality transferable skills; contractors bring an entrepreneurial mind set and wide-breadth of experience


An employer needs to have a trusting relationship with their recruitment partner and know that they understand the drivers and motivations for hiring so that when the need arises, they can act quickly and efficiently to deliver timely results.


Contractors provide the perfect complement to your existing permanent workforce. Key benefits of contract recruitment include:


      • Flexibility – contractors are more versatile than permanent members of staff and can be hired for a specific project or period of time
      • Cost – use of a contract workforce can help to manage and reduce spend
      • Speed – We can supply temporary workers at short notice


We continuously engages with an active contractor population, building and evolving our candidate database to ensure we have access to the best talent on the market. Using a range of attraction methods, we can target specific skills and/or geographies, depending on the needs of the contract.


As a client you have the peace of mind that your designated Contract Recruitment Consultant has the experience and network to deliver an efficient solution to your contract requirement through our organisational structure and our consultant’s ongoing training to understand the idiosyncrasies of the temporary labour market. As a client, if you have a particularly tight schedule, the efficiency of our service can even result in a same day solution meaning you could have a contractor on site almost immediately by utilising our “free working interview”; whereby you can assess a contractor’s suitability on site on the first day instead of entering into a protracted interview process.


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