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We marry our expertise in analytics with the knowledge of supply chain management to quickly identify trend shifts, understand supply chain partner dynamics, understand industry dynamics, customer preferences reducing lead times, increasing service levels, creating better forecasting models, decision models through structured transactional enterprise data to unstructured social media, environmental data.


Our Solutions help the firm make better supply chain decision at Strategic, Tactical & Operational hierarchical levels. 





Supply Chain Assessment


Supply Chain Strategic Assessment

Is your Supply chain Agile, Adaptable or Aligned?

Should your supply chain be Proactive or Reactive?

Is your Supply and/or Demand Stable, Unstable?

Value Chain Analysis


Supply Chain Finance Assessment

Cost Analysis of  your Supply Chain

Impact of Supply Chain on cash flows, asset utilisation and Equity


Supply Chain Analytics


Demand and Supply Forecasting

Instead of a one size fits all model we provide a combination of models based on Product and Raw material characteristics 


Supplier Performance Prediction

Descriptive Analytics and Predictive Analytics to understand Supplier performance through various matrix and predicting it


Product Phase In and Phase Out and Market Basket Analysis

Descriptive Analysis to know which product, combination may be working and which product needs to get discontinued


Analytics for Supply Chain Optimisation and Planning

Adding the data component in Optimisation and Strategy through analytics


Supply Chain Optimisation and Planning 


Supply Chain Optimisation

Inventory Management

Managing your Purchase Cost, Ordering Cost, Holding Cost and Shortage Cost, EOQ Model across Multiple locations, discount etc.

Setting Order Strategies

(s, Q) , (R,S),(s , S),( R, s, S) Policy, Lot Sizing etc.

Transportation Network Optimisation

Networks based on Costs or Service levels. E.g Centre of Gravity, Milk Run etc


Supply Chain Planning


Planning from a Strategic Level to Tactical Level using Analytics and Optimisation





 We believe that the knowledge is in your data and not in the tools. We have an expertise on the following tools but are not limited to:



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