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According to Gartner Business intelligence (BI) is an umbrella term that includes the applications, infrastructure and tools, and best practices that enable access to and analysis of information to improve and optimize decisions and performance.

But we also believe Business Intelligence needs to be embedded into the DNA of our clients to fully make it a decision enabling tool. Business Intelligence for us means representation, communication, execution and retrieval of business policies, rules, and processes. The client tracks the health of their firm through our rich reports and real time dashboards to take decisions where required. The Dashboards also acts as recommendation system based on industry practices and client expectations.


As a firm we also add value to our clients by suggesting Key Performance indicators to clients and help them to realize the power of reporting and capabilities of the tools we use. Our services encompass all aspects of business intelligence enabling you to take operational as well as strategic decisions.







Data Assessment

Assess whether you are ready to realise the full potential of reporting through various matrix and in comparison with the clients we have worked for.


Data Extraction and Loading

This includes data Extraction from multiple sources, putting business rules and taking the required data to reporting levels.


Data Modelling

We model the way in which data needs to be stored at various levels  for faster efficient reporting.


Installation & Administration 

Installation, upgradation and Migration of various tools which includes technical as well as function upgrade.     


Enhancement & Performance Tuning

Enhancement of the existing design by introducing various performance measures right from changing logical to physical aspects of data model


Report and Dashboard development

Conceptualizing and creating rich reports, Dashboards through various BI tools for all levels of users from strategic decision makers to operational decision makers.


Support  & AMS

We also provide support to existing implementations in the form of suggesting new KPIs or redesign of existing data models to make the design scalable and reporting optimised.



We offer basic to advanced level training for the various BI tools to clients developers and also basic user training for them to understand and extract value out of delivered report  




We believe it is best to involve the client right from requirement gathering to implementation, so that the deliverables belong to them. We employ different project management models as per situation for efficient, quick, value-added delivery. Please find below our technical implementation flow for a typical BI project.





We believe that the knowledge is in your data and not in the tools. We have an expertise on the following tools but are not limited to:







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