Business Analytics

We sift through volumes of data from multiple sources and help our clients discover the powerful mantra hidden in it. Descriptive, Predictive or Prescriptive, we provide what the client wants and help them frame strategies in any scale across timelines. 

Our technical expertise in Statistical Models as well as Machine Learning Models along with academic collaboration across various industries helps us to deliver tangible, feasible solutions on which a client can depend upon. 


We focus not just on the technical analysis but its impact on the underlying business and how decision making can be altered to adapt and align to the changing business environment.






Information Audits

We assess the possibility/readiness of use of analytics to aid decision making through various matrixes for a client.


Data Modelling

We understand from information audits and create technical data models for clients to assimilate information from different sources


Descriptive Analytics

As they say history repeats itself we help our clients discover various Decisions drivers and answer the “what and why” from historical data. This is more of Post-mortem analysis from which a firm may learn mistakes and/or success factors.


Predictive Analytics

We deliver Predictive models through Machine Learning Algorithms and Statistical Models to predict a likely scenario or a result for which our clients may have to be ready.


Prescriptive Analytics

One we have predicted certain outcomes we develop Recommendation system for the various scenarios which may occur and also show the implication of the decision taken.


Big Data Analytics

We focus specifically on how we can sift through high volume, velocity and variety data to deliver value to our clients. Data from various sources such as social media, environments are integrated along with enterprise data to create meaningful analysis. 



Our Methodology makes sure we deliver the right answers for your problem:




We have an expertise on the following tools but are not limited to:









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